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Archive for August 2016

How to Spot a Bubble

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK SYNOPSIS • William Bernstein’s seminal masterpiece The Four Pillars of Investing details four conditions necessary for an investment bubble to appear. • We have all lived through one of the biggest bubbles of all-time, so use these battle scars as protection when the next bubble begins to form. • One of…

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Is Student Debt The Next Bubble To Burst?

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK SYNOPSIS • Consumer debts have risen dramatically over the last six years, and many fear mongers consider this to be the next bubble to burst and take down our economy. • Although consumer debt has been rising, it’s not the amount of debt that matters but rather if one can afford…

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Books Worth Reading

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK SYNOPSIS • The number of books on investing is truly overwhelming, but there are a few classics and recent publications that stand out as true masterpieces. • The strategies that were taught decades ago still apply today, and they will most likely work for decades to come. • Here is a…

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Finding Good Information

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK SYNOPSIS • Not too long ago, the challenge for individual investors was gaining access to information. • Thanks to regulation and the proliferation of content distribution via the internet, the challenge today is sifting through all the garbage to find the information that matters. • Here is a list of sources…

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