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Archive for October 2016

Do Stock Charts Tell Us Anything?

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK SYNOPSIS • A technical analyst at HSBC recently issued a “red alert,” warning that the risk of a severe fall in the stock market is now very high. • Traders often use technical analysis to discern patterns within stock charts, but investors rarely find any real value from such short-term price…

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What Is Carried Interest?

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK SYNOPSIS • Google Trends is a website that allows a visitor to gauge the popularity of a search phrase over a given time period. • “Carried Interest” is a term that has garnered a lot of attention from both sides of the presidential race, and investors want to know why it’s…

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Should Our Government Issue More Debt?

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK SYNOPSIS • Politicians are some of the most egregious fear mongers out there, and we are kneedeep in their busy season at the moment. • Although the spending is out of control, our country can more than afford its debt, and the odds of a real crisis in the next several…

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