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Archive for February 2017

Should Investors Fear Margin Debt?

SYNOPSIS • The margin debt story is viewed by some as a predictive indicator for a future equity market crash. • Margin debt can exacerbate a sell-off, but there is no statistical evidence that margin debt levels can predict an equity market decline. • Although the use of margin debt is never recommended for individual…

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The Hot IPO of 2017

SYNOPSIS • This year is slated to be a big one for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), which is the process where private companies sell their stock to the public for the first time. • The IPO process is one where the biggest investors get access to the best deals, which leaves very little chance for…

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Fun Facts for 2017

SYNOPSIS • Think about how much the world has changed over the last half century. • In the spirit of the New Year, here are 17 fun facts for 2017. • Hopefully these facts will make us all feel a little smarter. (418) – Fun Facts for 2017

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