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Archive for March 2017

Why Are Bank CD Rates Still So Low?

SYNOPSIS • The Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) raised their interest rate target this week for the third time since December 2015. • Investors have asked why some rates rise in lockstep with the Fed while others have remained relatively unchanged. • The reality is that returns on cash investments will likely remain at these levels…

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This Love Is A One-Way Street

SYNOPSIS • Diversification is the “Golden Rule” of investing, and investors must remain diversified across asset classes, geographies, sectors, and styles. • Investors often over-allocate a portfolio to a single stock because they either cannot sell or choose not to sell, which creates a tremendous amount of risk. • Concentrated holdings should be avoided at…

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Will We See A Recession This Year?

SYNOPSIS • It’s been close to nine years since our economy recovered from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. • Investors are becoming concerned that rising interest rates will lead our economy back into another recession. • The economy will most certainly experience a recession in the future, but the real question is…

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Don’t Get MADD

SYNOPSIS • Greece is back in the news, but it seems as if nobody cares this time around. • There is an epidemic that has plagued Wall Street for centuries, and investors must do everything within their power to avoid infection. • Fortunately, investors can protect themselves with just a little bit of self-control. (421)…

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