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Archive for April 2017

Why Was The Market Up/Down Today?

SYNOPSIS • Market pundits are obsessed with understanding the short-term movements in equity markets. • According to those who follow the daily market moves closely, raising cash to pay taxes was the reason the market fell last Friday. • The daily moves in equities are often a mystery, and the explanations conjured by those who…

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Should Investors Sell All Their Bonds?

SYNOPSIS Concerns over rising interest rates have led to more than one market pundit calling for a “bloodbath” in bonds over the coming years. Bloodbaths do not happen all that often, and even so, the term is a relative one. Investors must always remember why bonds are included in a diversified asset allocation. (427) –…

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The Amazing Power of Dividend Growth

SYNOPSIS • Those who own stocks that pay dividends have voiced concern over the volatility experienced over the last few months. • The real benefit to owning dividend-paying stocks takes years to materialize. • The most boring companies are often the most profitable investments. (426) – The Amazing Power of Dividend Growth

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