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Archive for May 2017

A Bitter Rivalry

SYNOPSIS • Yale University’s endowment returns have crushed the competition over the last 25 years. • Alternative investments are those that are not considered to be traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, and cash. • Yale can attribute its stellar performance to its large allocation to alternative investments. (432) – A Bitter Rivalry

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Protecting Against Pilot Error

SYNOPSIS • A survey conducted back in 2015 indicated that 37% fear the stock market and 73% equate buying equities to gambling. • Given the events that have transpired in equity markets since the late 1990s, it is understandable to hear that investors feel that the stock market is rigged. • Hiring a professional and…

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Becoming Comfortable with Uncomfortable Investements

SYNOPSIS • The adage to “buy low and sell high” sounds like an obvious path to building a large nest egg. • The problem is that executing such a strategy is extremely difficult to pull off on a consistent basis. • Those investors who can become comfortable with uncomfortable investments should do better over time.…

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