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Archive for June 2017

Another Bear Market

SYNOPSIS • This week, oil fell into its sixth bear market in the last four years. • Oil has been a big story and market-mover since Saudi Arabia started a price war back in 2014. • Saudi Arabia will regret the day they started this price war. (436) – Another Bear Market-

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5 Challenges Facing Investors

SYNOPSIS • The “60/40” playbook worked well over the last three decades thanks to falling interest rates and strong economic growth. • Five challenges face investors that will make the 60/40 approach less effective. • Complex markets call for more sophisticated solutions, and using a playbook designed for simpler times is akin to bringing a…

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Words To Live By

SYNOPSIS • The best part of being a professional investor is the opportunity to learn something new every day. • Investors are wrong far more times than they are right, so it’s important to view every hit or miss as a learning exercise. • Here are ten lesser-known quotes that have helped guide my investment…

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How to Help the Next Generation Plan for Retirement

SYNOPSIS – Retirement planning has become far more complicated for the younger generation relative to when current retirees first got started. – Hear are some tips to start preparing today for markets tomorrow that will help them navigate the complexities that they will most likely face. – Disciplined investing can build a nice nest egg…

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