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Becoming Comfortable with Uncomfortable Investements

SYNOPSIS • The adage to “buy low and sell high” sounds like an obvious path to building a large nest egg. • The problem is that executing such a strategy is extremely difficult to pull off on a consistent basis. • Those investors who can become comfortable with uncomfortable investments should do better over time.…

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Should Investors Sell All Their Bonds?

SYNOPSIS Concerns over rising interest rates have led to more than one market pundit calling for a “bloodbath” in bonds over the coming years. Bloodbaths do not happen all that often, and even so, the term is a relative one. Investors must always remember why bonds are included in a diversified asset allocation. (427) –…

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Would Cash Repatriation Help Boost The Economy?

SYNOPSIS • Cash repatriation has garnered significant attention throughout the presidential election, and investors want to know why. • Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that U.S. companies are holding over $2.5 trillion in cash overseas. • Changes to the corporate tax code to allow companies to repatriate cash at a significantly lower rate would…

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Five Question Answered

SYNOPSIS • Investors are anxious to understand the reaction in global financial markets to the outcome of the presidential election. • More specifically, they want to know why conservative and income-focused portfolios have failed to keep up with the broader equity market. • Much of the volatility has been fueled on emotional moves by traders…

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